Robert Vare Nonfiction Writer-in-Residence Program
James Fallows

James Fallows

Spring 2010

James Fallows, political commentator, instrument-rated pilot, author of nine books, software developer, and China enthusiast, has been a national correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly for more than 25 years.  

Recent articles in the Atlantic have dealt with the current state of China, the place of technology and the Internet in the modern world, American politics, the economy, and the ambiguously labeled state of “national security."  

Once the youngest speechwriter in presidential history (for the Carter administration), Fallows has had a keen interest and direct involvement in domestic and international politics for several decades.  

His readable style, humorous interjections, and frank opinions allow him to be at once light and serious, inspirational and nihilistic, humble and highfalutin.  In short, he exemplifies the best in American journalism today.

The University of Chicago is excited to welcome James Fallows to campus for the spring quarter and is positive that the students of the Committee on Creative Writing will benefit tremendously from the talents of this inspired journalist.    

Follow Fallows’ recent work on the Atlantic website: